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Rally your community to put the mission in motion.
You can host your own Carry Forward anywhere, any time. You can pick a date from July to December to complete your own Carry Forward 5K in your community.

How do I get started?

  • First, register. You’ll be prompted to include your event date, which can be anytime from July to December. By providing your event date, we’ll ensure you have all the materials needed for your Carry Forward 5K. 
  • Next, set a location and recruit your friends, family, and colleagues to join your Carry Forward 5K. Common locations include participant neighborhoods, stadiums, and parks. 
  • After you register, you’ll receive access to a fundraising dashboard and page where you can include more information about your Carry Forward 5K and ask participants to join your squad or donate to your page! If you are flying solo – go you! There are no minimum or maximum number of participants for Carry Forward Virtual 5Ks. All materials will be shipped two weeks after registering.
  • When you’re ready to host your own Carry Forward 5K, don’t forget to post on Facebook using #WWPCarryForward. We can’t wait to cheer you on!
  • PRICE: $35.00

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