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Charlie Merritt Quadcapable

Squad Leader Quadcapable Carry Forward - Jacksonville, FL

I want you on       my squad! Please join me, if you too, want to honor wounded warriors and       Carry Forward Charlie Merritt aka Quadcapable by carrying a flag, weights, or a squad member.

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Join my squad Haywood,

Haywood,I know firsthand the need of our       veterans for benefits outside the Department of Veterans Affairs. I       have been a direct recipient of assistance through the Wounded Warrior       Project's Independence Program over the last few years.

If you did not know Wounded Warrior Project, has been       pivotal in my transition from spinal cord rehab back into life at home.

Wounded Warrior Project's assistance has helped to reduce       my fiance's/caregiver stress, increase my independence, and has       allowed me to live my life knowing that I have the ability to be       independent even though I lost the use of my arms and legs.

I am going to be carrying a flag in leading a squad of       volunteers ( hopefully you are one of them) for people living with       paralysis at the event in Jacksonville November 10, 2018.

Carry Forward is a 5K walk/run/roll in Jacksonville,       Florida, and I hope to get a squad together to assist me in raising at       least $2500 to go towards helping myself and other warriors continue to       receive the benefits that Wounded Warrior Project offers.

If you cannot be there for the run, there is also a       link to donate to our squad in this email. You can also donate to me       directly and I will make sure the money goes into the squad       account. Hopefully we can raise a lot more than $2500.  

Please utilize the links below to join my squad and be by       my side on November 10 or click the donate button and support the squad       with whatever you can provide. Anyone who donates will have their name       placed on the flag we carry during the 5K race.

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Name: Wounded Warrior Project 5K         Jacksonville, Florida
Date: November 10, 2018
Available Times: [8 AM – 4 PM]

Carry Forward™ isn’t your average 5K – it’s a movement         for all people to put everything on the line for wounded warriors and         their families. Choose the challenge that is right for you, finish at         your own speed, and know you’ve made a difference in the life of a         wounded service member!

Thank you for all you do to make our       community a better place!


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