Join us for the Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) Carry Forward® 5K! Participate in one of our City Series events, or pick a date and place of your choosing with the Carry Forward Virtual 5K.


Carry Forward City Series


San Diego, CA

August 17, 2024


Nashville, TN

September 7, 2024


San Antonio, TX

October 5, 2024


Jacksonville, FL

November 16, 2024



Carry Forward In Your Community



You pick the date,
you pick the place


Questions about hosting a Virtual 5K? Check out our FAQs.

Put the Wounded Warrior Project Mission In Motion at the Carry Forward 5K

The mission at Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) is to honor and empower wounded warriors — and Carry Forward is your chance to put that mission in motion at one of the most powerful, one-of-a-kind events you’ll ever experience. It’s a unique opportunity to take action for wounded warriors.

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Participants can walk, jog, or run on event day and amp it up by selecting one of three special ways to show support for our nation’s bravest:


Carry a flag to show support and patriotism.


Carry a weight to represent the responsibilities veterans bear while serving our country.


Carry another person to symbolize one warrior carrying another in their time of need.

A Movement We Can All Be A Part Of

“I support Carry Forward to honor those who have served, help them receive the support and gratitude they deserve, and ensure they have a bright future.” Stuart Sharples, Carry Forward Virtual 5K Participant

“We must do what we can and not be derailed by what we cannot do. For 19 years WWP has empowered me to step up to serve others.” Danielle Green, Wounded Warrior & Carry Forward 5K Participant

“I Carry Forward to honor and empower veterans who have incurred an injury — to make them feel whole again and not forgotten about.” Jacob Thompson, Carry Forward 5K Participant


The program for those who refuse to quit.

As you participate in multiple years of the Carry Forward 5K, you'll earn unique gear and rewards to recognize your dedication to honoring those who served us.

Show your commitment to our nation's bravest by returning to Carry Forward year after year!

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